Remind Your Friends Abroad of India

No matter where in the world you would settle, if you have Indian roots, you will always miss the things that are special to this place. If your friends or family members have moved abroad and do have their share of homesick emotions, then, you can surprise them with the things which will remind them of India. With our International Delivery, you can send your love and some amazing gifts to your loved ones living abroad.

  1. Traditional Sweets

Indians love the variety of food that they have to offer to the world. If you have had tasted the sweet elixir of the sweets here, your taste buds will not find the satisfaction anywhere else. Indian sweets is exactly what people miss when they move abroad.

With the help of MyFlowerTree, you can send delicious sweets motichoor ladoos, gulab jamuns, kaju katlis and many other delicious sweet treats to your loved ones in any country where your dear ones live.

  1. Dry Fruits

Indian kids grow up listening to the importance of dry fruits by their mothers. She gives you up a hand full of Dry Fruits in the morning so that you can have a kick start for the day. While it is not that difficult to find dry fruits abroad but the quality that you find in India is unparalleled.

So, send Dry Fruits like Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts and Raisins to your loved ones living in a different country and wish them with good health while reminding them of India.

  1. Idols of the Gods

For an Indian, the power of prayer is the greatest. We have all lived under the religious roofs of our parents. We believe that it is auspicious and pious to keep holy Idols in home. This can get a little tricky.

At MyFlowerTree, you will find some of the most beautiful and pure idols of Gods and Goddesses which you can send to your loved ones abroad.

  1. Occasional Mementos

It is fun to live at different places but when the festivals arrive, it hits you hard and the home calling begins. With MyFlowerTree, you have the option to send the occasional mementos to your loved ones living in different countries.

We have Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan, Idols and Sweets for Diwali, Colours for Holi and so much more. Celebrate every festival with your loved ones irrespective of where they live.

With our International delivery, you can send a special surprise to your loved ones whether they live in Japan, USA, Canada, Singapore or Sri Lanka. We are delivering all over the world.



A Flower for Every Time of the Day

Flowers are perfect for every occasion and this is fact which has been universally accepted by people of all the ages. They are bright, vibrant, beautiful and make every day amazing with their fragrance. Not just an occasion, you can make every hour of everyone’s life. There is a flower for every hour and here we have everything planned for you:

Flowers are perfect for every occasion and this is fact which has been universally accepted by people of all the ages. They are bright, vibrant, beautiful and make every day amazing with their fragrance. Not just an occasion, you can make every hour of everyone’s life. There is a flower for every hour and here we have everything planned for you:

1.    Morning With Gerberas


Gerberas are happy flower and perfect when you are about to start the day. Send them to a loved one who hates the Monday blues. They would love to wake up to these cheerful flowers.

We have yellow, orange, pink, white and red Gerberas in our garden for your loved ones.

2.    Carnations for the Noon


Carnations are innocent and playful in nature which is why they are perfect to be sent to a loved when as the day progresses. The light scent and the colour of these Carnations will make anyone’s noon a happy one.

At MyFlowerTree, you will find various bunches and bouquets of Carnations.

3.    Lilies for the Afternoon


We all feel lazy in the afternoon after having our lunch which makes it difficult to concentrate on work. Surprise your loved ones in their office with a perfect bunch of Lilies which will help them to feel rejuvenated.

We have two species of lilies for your loved ones; Asiatic and Oriental

4.    Orchids for the Evening


Evenings are always happier as it is the start of the journey back to our loved ones. If you want to invite a special someone over for dinner, send your message through a bunch or a bouquet of Orchids.

We have some of the most beautiful Pink, Purple and Blue Orchids with us.

5.    Roses for the Night


Deep as the night, Roses are just as passionate and tinted as the colour of the sky. Enjoy dinner with a loved one under their supervision.

We have heart-shaped bouquets of Roses for your loved ones with us

Go deeper as the hours passes with the deeper colours of flowers and you are good to go.

3 Special Gifts to Gift your Husband on his Job Promotion

Your husband might have landed a huge job promotion and attained great success in his line of work. What could be a more apt way to congratulate him and express your happiness than by gifts? No matter how valuable your gift to him is, the fact that it came from you, his beloved spouse, is guaranteed to fill him with joy.


3 Special Gifts to Congratulate your Husband on his Job Promotion

Gifts are one of the most perfect ways to express the thoughts and good wishes you have for your husband. They are the perfect expressions of joy and happiness. Here are 3 special gifts that you can present to your husband and wish congratulations on his job promotion–

  • Flower Bouquet– Flowers are a fine way to express your thoughts and feelings. With a collection of them packaged together in a wonderful bouquet. From roses in red, to orchids colored in yellow, they are all special.
  • Gift Baskets– Gift baskets loaded with a variety of delightful objects are a perfect way to surprise your husband. Packaged in intricately designed baskets, and decorated in a variety of different styles, a basket of gifts congratulate your husband is always splendid.
  • Chocolates and Sweets – The sweet taste of chocolates and sweets enamor all. What finer way to delight your husband than a collection of these sweet and savory delectable.

Getting Gifts Delivered to you

Gifts are one of the finest expressions of joy and delight. With a large variety of them, you can easily get gifts delivered to you at your doorstep from the online store. With the finest gifts for your husband in the store page, available at any time of the day, how can you resist adding that special touch of happiness for his success than through gifts?

Top 4 Special Gifts to present to your Spouse on Anniversary

Anniversary is a font of joy to immerse into. What finer way to celebrate the joy of this day than by presenting some special anniversary gifts to your spouse?

4 Gifts to Celebrate Anniversary

A gift is always a font of joy and delight. Here are 4 of the most exquisite gifting surprises to celebrate anniversary with-

1. Themed cakes


A cake baked in the shape of a specific theme is truly special. From a cartoon themed cake for the cartoon-lover, to a wildlife themed cake for the animal lover, a themed cake is one of the finest desserts to gorge upon.

2. Accessories

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From a glittering gold-plated bracelet encrusted with precious gemstones, to splendid thick black leather strap engraved with the personal touch of yours and your spouse’s name, a specially designed accessory is always special.

3. Sweets


Sweets are as savory, as they are splendid to see. What finer delight is there to see than a wonderfully packaged box of sweets. From being in intricately designed boxes to highly decorative thalis, a sweet is always special.

4. Chocolates


Chocolates come in numerous varieties, shapes, and packages. From Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, to Cadbury Dairy milk bars, a chocolate is something that all will be delighted to have.

Online Anniversary Gift Delivery

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Top 3 Flowers to gift your lover on his or her Birthday

What can be a greater source of joy to the love of your life than realizing the fact that you remembered his or her birthday? Experience the grin on his or her face as you present that special flower to him/her.

3 Flowers to celebrate the joy of your lover’s Birthday

Vibrant, colorful, and fragrant, a flower is always special. Growing throughout nature, a flower is a font of delight-filled happiness that your lover will always treasure and cherish. Here are 3 of the most special flowers to celebrate your lover’s birthday.

  • Pink roses


Pink is the color of innocence and elegance. What finer manifestation of this special color, than a pink rose? Whether you present a bouquet of these flowers, or package them in a basket, and present it to your lover, this color will always be a font of joy.

  • Purple orchids


Symbolizing the ardent love and passion of the love you have for him or her, the color purple is always a font of delight. Presented in a majestic bouquet of delight-fullness and love, purple orchids are always a delight for him or her.

  • White lilies


The pure and sophisticated color white in a lily flower petal always lights up the mood. What finer way to symbolize these virtues that align so perfectly with your love-life than by presenting a collection of these flowers?

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3 Best Wedding Cakes and Flowers to Present to Newlyweds

Sugary, spongy, creamy, and moist are just some of the adjectives that may be used to describe a cake. No matter the occasion, from weddings, to birthdays, it caters to all. What finer way to accentuate the delight of cakes, than by flowers? Beautiful with multitudes of colorful petals blooming together in the sunshine, who cannot be entranced by the sight of some flowers.

3 of The Wedding Cakes and Flowers to Gift to a Newly Wedded Couple

Harmoniously intertwined by the bond of love that ties the two together, the newlywed couples are two beings bound by the glorious matrimonial bond. What better way to cherish this bond than by some flowers and cakes? Whether presenting the two on their wedding ceremony, or on the eve of their anniversary, the surprise of flowers and cakes is undiminishing.

Cake Combo 3

Here are 3 of the most special cakes and flowers to celebrate the day of marriage –

  • Red velvet cake and a red carnation bouquet – The red color of the cake and flower mixes together harmoniously. Symbolically signifying the marriage couple tied together in matrimonial unity.
  • Black forest cake and a pink lily basket – The infusion of chocolate and vanilla in a black forest cake, combined with the blush of pink lilies presented beside it is truly wondrous.  What better way to delight an anniversary couple that by this delightful combination.
  • Vanilla cake and a floral wreath of white orchids –The milky white vanilla cake, loaded with sophistication and austerity is partnered perfectly with a floral wreath of white orchids. Just like how the couple partners perfectly fit in with each other.

Wedding cakes and flowers online

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3 of The Most Exquisite Cakes and Flowers to Gift Your Dear Ones

Cakes and flowers are something that are always cherished by all on any occasion. Whether it is the joy of a birthday, or it is the romance-filled delight of an anniversary eve, these two delights are indubitably the two most special gifts to light up the joy of any occasion.

cake n flower

3 Special Cake-Flower Combos

From a bouquet of red orchids, to a basket of lavender roses, a flower and a cake are always delightful to receive. Here are three of the most special flower and cake combos to delight any occasion.

  • Yellow Roses and Chocolate Cake

The color yellow is a font of absolute joy and merriment. Whether it is a bouquet of yellow roses presented with a chocolate cake, or basket of yellow roses and a box of chocolate cake given later as a surprise, these two are always a delight to enjoy.

  • Pink Lilies and Butterscotch Cake

The blush of pink in a basket of pink lily is truly special. What better way to accompany this delightful pink surprise than by a joy-filled yellow butterscotch cake? These two presented side-by-side is one of the best ways to spread joy and delight.

  • White Orchids and Red Velvet Cake

The joy and purity of a collection of white orchids is truly special.  What better way to highlight the purity and beauty of these flowers than by a gorgeous red velvet cake? Presented beside these flowers, a red velvet cake is guaranteed to be a delight to all who receive it.


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