Immerse Yourself in The Golden Sparkle of Dhanteras with These Wonderful Gold Roses

A festival of joy Dhanteras, marks the grace and divinity of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The festival is celebrated with reverence all over India. Dhanteras is a festival of joy and delight where people indulge in buying expensive gold jewelry and decorate their spaces beautifully. This special day is mainly associated with the puja of wealth. What better way to decorate this puja than by the most splendid gold flowers.

Combinations of Golden roses

Nothing is delightful than a rose adorned with the golden color that we all cannot help but get bedazzled by. Here are some of the combinations of golden roses that you can always look forward to –

  • A single golden rose –A rose is the flower of passion for lovers. But a rose spray painted in gold is passion for all. This single pocket sized gold rose is the very essence of passion and sophistication.
  • A gold rose and a heart pillow –Nothing signifies a heart of gold more than a single gold rose and a small heart shaped pillow. Get this popular combo gift and you are sure to invoke wealth and prosperity for you and your loved ones.
  • Gold rose and a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates –The magic and splendor of a golden rose and a box full of exquisite Ferrero rocher chocolates is sure to make not just you, but everyone around you, happy.
  • A bouquet of gold roses –If a single gold rose can be pure magic by itself, imagine a bouquet of them. A bouquet of gold roses together is guaranteed to be a delight.

Gold rose delivery

Whether you want a natural flower, or one spray painted in gold or silver, get the finest of them anywhere. Access the flower delivery in Lucknow and be assured that you will receiv3e the best of flowers.

But this delivery is not restricted to flowers only, cakes are also available. Get the online cake delivery in Lucknow for the best cakes there is.



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