3 Kinds of Cakes to Celebrate the Eve of Bhai Dooj

Bhai dooj is a glorious once in a year occasion dedicated to the brother-sister bond. Occurring only once in a year, this event celebrates the special bond between a brother and a sister. Witness as the sister affectionately applies the ceremonial “tilak” on her brother’s forehead. A semblance to the eve of Raksha Bandhan.


5 cakes to gift your brother on Bhai Dooj

The affectionate gesture showed by a sister by applying the sacred tilak on the forehead of her brother is as marvelous spectacle. What better way to accentuate this than by cakes. Sugary, moist, and savory, nothing is better than gorging upon a delicious cake. They are available in every flavor, and can be presented on any occasion, in combination with a variety of presents. Here are some suggestions to get the best cakes to gift your beloved brother on bhai dooj –

  • Mango cake– With oodles of thick vanilla cream infused with the essence of the most succulent mangoes, this cake is a true delight.
  • Kiwi Punch –Kiwi fruits are one of the rarest fruits in the world. Growing only in the country of New Zealand, these are truly one of a kind. Experience the exotic taste of these unique fruits inside a rich and creamy cake with kiwi punch.
  • Fruit Cake  – Imagine a cake with all your brother’s favorite fruits embedded in it. Such is this cake. With a combination of these and the taste of an assortment of fruits, this is truly a delight

Flowers and cake delivery

Spongy and creamilicious,  nothing constitutes the joy and celebration of bhai dooj more than cakes. Just log into the online store and choose the cake you want. Get online cake delivery today!

But is a birthday complete without flowers?  Get flower bouquet today!


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