Immerse Yourself in The Golden Sparkle of Dhanteras with These Wonderful Gold Roses

A festival of joy Dhanteras, marks the grace and divinity of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The festival is celebrated with reverence all over India. Dhanteras is a festival of joy and delight where people indulge in buying expensive gold jewelry and decorate their spaces beautifully. This special day is mainly associated with the puja of wealth. What better way to decorate this puja than by the most splendid gold flowers.

Combinations of Golden roses

Nothing is delightful than a rose adorned with the golden color that we all cannot help but get bedazzled by. Here are some of the combinations of golden roses that you can always look forward to –

  • A single golden rose –A rose is the flower of passion for lovers. But a rose spray painted in gold is passion for all. This single pocket sized gold rose is the very essence of passion and sophistication.
  • A gold rose and a heart pillow –Nothing signifies a heart of gold more than a single gold rose and a small heart shaped pillow. Get this popular combo gift and you are sure to invoke wealth and prosperity for you and your loved ones.
  • Gold rose and a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates –The magic and splendor of a golden rose and a box full of exquisite Ferrero rocher chocolates is sure to make not just you, but everyone around you, happy.
  • A bouquet of gold roses –If a single gold rose can be pure magic by itself, imagine a bouquet of them. A bouquet of gold roses together is guaranteed to be a delight.

Gold rose delivery

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Make Your Friendships Day Special with These 5 Fashionable Gifts

Friends are truly a joy and delight to be with. Kindred spirits, that always seeks the best for you, supports you through every step of way forward. There cannot be enough thanks to give him or her, but a gift to your friend from your heart can always be something that your friend will appreciate.

friend ship bands

Stylize Friendship’s day with these gifts

Whether you are going on an exciting outdoor journey with your friend, or just sitting on the sofa, nothing is as much of a joy to your friend as your company. Friends are the prized possessions in our life. But whether you are or not with him or her, here are some token of appreciations that you may present your friend with –

  • Stylish earrings –A pair of stylish and trendy earrings, handcrafted by the best artisans, are sure to delight him or her.
  • Friendship band –A band of thick leather, with a magnificent shiny metal buckle is both stylish and unique. The perfect thing to delight your fasionista bestie.
  • Flowers –Flowers are something that can bring joy to the gloomiest. A thing for everything and anything, a flower is a one for all delight.
  • Chocolate boxes –Whether it is a beautifully packaged box of Ferrero roachers, or 3 chocolate bars, get any of it for your friend.
  • Cakes –A thick slab of chocolate with fine vanilla cream whipped on top, is nop doubt a delight for all. Get this splendor for your friend and celebrate the magic of this day.

Friendship day gift delivery

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5 Beautiful Flowers for Friendship Day

A friend is a person one can always depend on. Whether it is providing you financial aid, or rushing to you when you need immediate help, a friend is consistently there for you all the time. But assistance isn’t the only thing a friend does.  He or she also gives you the best company at all times. What better joy is there than to relax in your friend’s company, chit-chating with him or her on assorted topics?

friend ship bands.jpg

Flowers for friendship day

From yellow roses to yellow carnations, nothing represents the spirit of friendship more than a flower. Here are some flowers to celebrate the magic of friendship day –

Carnations – One of the most cheerful flowers to give on the eve of friendship day, are the beautiful carnations. These flowers are nature’s remedy for the stressed and weary. Carnations of not just one color but many are available in MyFlowerTree’s online store.

Roses – The most preferred flowers in the globe, roses are availed throughout nature in almost every color. From red to yellow to orange, we have it all.

Orchids – Orchids are some of the most rare and beautiful flowers in nature. These are available in many variances of colorations, and looks. You may never get bored of orchids. Get them for your friends on this day.

Lilies – These sweet and pretty flowers represent innocence and purity. Nothing delights all more than a bundle of exquisite lilies. Get the best lily bouquet on friendship day!

Gerberas – Gerberas are unique, as they are beautiful. Whether you present them individually, or in a bouquet, they are always a delight to all. Get the best gerbera bouquet for your friends today. Get these unique friendship day flowers today!

Along with flowers cakes may also be given on this day. Get Friendship Day Cakes Online!

4 Rakhi Combinations to have It All in one for Sisters

Rakhi is a celebration of the sacred bond between a brother and a sister. A joyous entanglement of brotherly love and sisterly sweetness, the rakhi celebrates the purity of familial joy and delight. Witness and cherish the joy on the brother’s face as you tie the sacred bond of Rakhi on his wrist. He will lovingly shower you with gifts.

Enlisted are some of the best combinations to avail you with all the necessary ingredients for Rakhi celebration.

Gift Combo1: Nuts and Sweet Delight:

  • 1 Kg Gulab Jamun
  • 100 Gms Assorted Dry Fruits(Almonds and Cashew)
  • 1 Kundan Rakhi Lumba Set
  • 1 Silver Thali
  • 2 Red Potli
  • Roli and Chawal

Tie the thread of love and care on your brothers wrist and perform all the rituals nicely by this Nuts and sweet delight combo.

Gift Combo2: Sweet and Nutty Thali

  • 250 Gms Soan Papdi
  • 100 Gms Almonds
  • 100 Gms Raisins
  • 100 Gms Cashew
  • 1 Meenakari Golden Thali

Delicious treat of sweets and the best dry fruits to relish on this auspicious day alongwith a beautiful meenakari golden thali to enhance the whole feel of the day.


Gift Combo3: Sugary Sweet Thali

  • 1 kg Gulab Jamun
  • 1 Rakhi
  • Roli, Chawal, Mishri
  • 1 Golden Plate

Light up this rakhi with the taste of mouthwatering sweets presented in a beautifully arranged thali with roli, chawal, mishri to add to the beauty of the day.

Gift Combo4: Sweet Peacock

  • 250 Gms Soan Papdi
  • 1 Peacock Rakhi
  • Roli and Chawal

Simplicity at its best! The ever famous peacock Rakhi alongwith other necassart parts os the Rakhi thali, all there in the sweet peacock combo.

Online Rakhi Delivery

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Send and deliver the joy of flowers in Chennai

Flowers are joy and delight in physical form. Combined with the vibrancy and the delight that it exudes from every fabric of its being, a flower is a delight and joy to all. In addition, a flower also enamors the users through a multitude of fragrances and delights. Enrapturing the senses with its soothing embrace, of a near unending stream of happiness, a flower delivers unprecedented ecstasy to all.

lilies flowers

Flowers for different events

Inlaid with meanings and significances pertaining to the deep implications, the meaning of a flower is impressed deeply into one’s mind. This is what makes them perfect for every event and occasion. Impress your loved ones with the best flowers,

Birthday flowers

No other occasion amounts to the joy and delight of a birthday. From getting a wide assortment of gifts, to the joy and revelry of the ones closest to you, it is a true delight to all. What better way to enhance this experience than the best flowers and flower bouquets?

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Online Delivery Platform

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Send Chocolates for Father’s Day

Father’s day is a day of delight and revelry. What better way to highlight the eloquence and austerity of this joyous and delightful event than by displaying your affection and reverence towards your father with the finest quality, sweet tasting delight that we all love and cherish – chocolates.

chocolate box

The joy of chocolates

Chocolates are renowned and loved by all. Nothing can replicate the cream filled yummilicious ecstasy if you wish to pamper your taste buds. My Flower Tree understands this and has dedicated itself to bring the best and the most delicious assortment of chocolates. Obtain and deliver these elegant sweet tasting delicacies of the highest quality through our specially stocked online store.

Coming in every imaginable variety, chocolates differ in a great degree of taste, shape, and size. Packaged to perfection with variances in combinations and flavors, My Flower Tree maximizes the quality of the chocolaty goodness while ensuring total customer satisfaction at all levels through multitudes of customer assurance initiatives and a guarantee in speedy and accurate delivery.

The pristine austerity and the opulence of the gift presented to him in the form of a box of chocolates is guaranteed to strike an accord with your father. Enamor and enrapture his senses through perfect quality chocolates, as it gets delivered online straight at the comfort of your residence, all at the few taps of a button. A unique assortment of every variety is readily available to further this design.

Some of the categories and designs pertaining to chocolates include –

  • Chocolate bars
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate balls
  • Chocolate bouquets
  • The chocolate flower combo pack
  • Chocolate Spoons
  • Vanilla Chocolates

It is recommended that the buyer must explore every selection before making their choice and placing the order confirmation.

Obtaining the sweet delights on Father’s day

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Enriching journey of a flower – From being sown to the time it reaches the buyer

Flower bouquets are an integral aspect of any celebration. Through their unique coloration and fragrance, these natural objects of joyous delight enamor the senses through the ecstasy of the finest variety of flowers in its natural form, as it is presented in the sophisticated outlook of a formal bouquet. Experience the innate beauty and fragrance of fresh wild flowers, handpicked and delivered straight at your doorstep with care and delight and envelope your senses with limitless joy and ecstasy.


The process of handpicking a flower

Flowers are seen by many, if not all, as the entities of unending joy and beauty. The mass-produced variants of flowers are specially grown in highly selective conditions, as they are cultivated and farmed to optimize their natural, innate grace, while keeping their freshness and fragrance intact. Some specific steps for the growth and harvesting of these natural beauties are –

  1. Requirements –
  • Cool climatic condition of 18-24 C ideally.
  • Flower planting bed size of 100cm
  • 6 row planting space in between
  • Soil PH of 5.5 to 6.5

  1. Growth condition –
  • Day temperature of 20-25C
  • Night temperature of 15-20C

Fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions, highly expedites the growth process of these flowers

Maturity and cutting of flowers

After a successful growth period flowers blossom, blossoming with their unique floral coloration and fragrance, flowers are cut from their stems and are separated before being transported to the prospective buyers for sale. Some of the steps outlining this process include –

  1. Opening the flower bud
  2. Separating them from their stems
  3. Packaging them in cold storage
  4. Transporting them

Delivery and transportation

These flowers are packed in specialized containers and are transported to wholesalers and retailers where prospective buyers are able to avail them for purchase. Flower customers may also get it online through the store and access the online bouquet delivery system, while subsequently customizing the flower arrangements as per his or her wishes and have it delivered to the designated location.